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e-mail marketing - only spam?

E-mail is the oldest dialog tool on the Internet and has become indispensable as a means of communication. In the B2B sector, in particular, e-mail is still the primary means of communication. Nevertheless, e-mail marketing is consistently predicted to die. Therefore, B2B companies often wonder whether e-mail is actually still effective as a marketing tool. But a glance at the figures shows that e-mail has not lost any of its relevance

Basically, e-mail campaigns in the B2B sector have to be designed in a different way than in the B2C sector, because there are some particularities that you should pay attention to. The sales process in the B2B sector is considerably longer because the products on offer are mostly complex and high-priced

The customer journey is therefore also longer and includes more phases than in the consumer sector. Customers need more time for decisions and often also more touch points as support for decision-making. Marketing e-mails in the B2B area should therefore be less promotional and more informative. Ideally, mailings should accompany the customer throughout the entire customer journey. But how can B2B companies optimize their marketing e-mails in order to make them an efficient communication channel that actually generates revenue? In this white paper we will show you the basics as well as expert tips to get the most out of your B2B e-mail marketing. 

This whitepaper includes:

  • Defining your campaign's goal
  • Getting the most out of your e-mail campaigns
  • Expert tips for more efficiency
  • How to get e-mail addresses
  • Efficient lead generation
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