High average session duration while minimizing the bounce rate to 42%

Specific targeting of analytica attendees leads to a record low bounce rate of 42% and average session duration of 1:41min on the landing page


The customer was an exhibiting company at analytica, the international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology which took place in April 2018.

The company constantly releases new product innovations and seeks to exactly promote its products online within the analytica target group in order to effectively find potential buyers.


TrustedTargeting enabled the customer to reach exactly the analytica audience that matches its target group profile of potential buyers. They tracked a record low bounce rate of 42% coming from Facebook and 48% coming from Google Display.

At the same time the TrustedTargeting campaign was able to obtain an average session duration on the dedicated landing page of 1:41min (Facebook).

Thus with TrustedTargeting the customers advertising budget was invested with maximum efficiency and minimum scatter wastage.