Increase of the interaction rate to 4.77 pages per session

KUBIKx– targeted addressing of transport logistic attendees leads to a very high interaction rate of 4,77 pages per session


KUBIKx with FLEET LOOP is the first independent platform which offers utility vehicles for short-term rental. The company belongs to the pioneers of the transportation and logistic industry with its digital rental business.

Furthermore KUBIKx was exhibitor at the trade show transport logistic 2019 and wanted to generate website traffic in a specific target group.

The challenge: reach potential renters in the transport logistic target group and achieve high interaction on the landing page.


With TrustedTargeting KUBIKx addressed the transport logistic target group on social media channels Facebook and LinkedIn with geographical focus Germany.

Continuous campaign optimization lead to a very high interaction rate as users consumed an average of 4,77 pages per session.

Thus KUBIKx achieved outstanding KPIs with its TrustedTargeting campaign and build up a sustainable awareness within the transport logistic attendees.