Website traffic & lead gen: during and after the trade fair bauma

German construction equipment supplier generates leads and relevant website traffic in the bauma target group during and after the world’s leading trade fair


Highest visibility during and after the world‘s leading trade fair bauma was the clearly defined campaign objective of the customer.

The challenge with this TrustedTargeting campaign was to reach precisely the target audience which is interested in the products and services of the customer. As well as the geographical focus of the target market without scattering losses.


TrustedTargeting enabled the specific targeting of the bauma audience.

Through the multichannel strategy which means implementing advertising banners of the German construction equipment supplier on Google Display, LinkedIn and Facebook relevant website traffic was generated- resulting in 17 high quality B2B leads.

Continuous campaign optimization and comprehensive A/B testing of different advertising slogans in the ads  identified Facebook as the strongest conversion driver.