High quality website traffic and low bounce rates below 36%

Edmund Optics – Relevant website traffic and an outstanding low bounce rate of 36% within the LASER target group


Edmund Optics is the leading global producer and distributor of optics, imaging, and photonics technology and was also exhibitor at the trade show LASER 2019.

The purpose of the trade show was not only to increase brand awareness but also to generate website traffic within the target group and ideally generate leads. Trade show attendees and their lookalikes should be led to the extensive technical library of Edmund Optics.

The challenge: Find and reach the right experts within the LASER target group, lead them to the dedicated landing page and increase the retention period while users consume technical content.


With TrustedTargeting Edmund Optics addressed the LASER target group through the channels Google Display, Facebook and LinkedIn with geographical focus on Europe.

Continuous campaign optimization led in the channel mix to an outstanding low bounce rate of less than 36%. In addition, the session duration of Facebook users was around 1 min. 

Therefore, Edmund Optics was able to reach the right LASER experts with TrustingTargeting. In addition website traffic could be raised considerably and Edmund Optics could further stabilize and expand its expert position.