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How does TrustedTargeting work?

Exclusive B2B data

Using digital touchpoints at Messe München's leading tradeshows, TrustedTargeting identifies industry decision-makers and builds exclusive B2B audiences.

Online Advertising

TrustedTargeting targets B2B audiences in all relevant advertising networks and shows your message to the right people anywhere at any time online.

Leads & Brand Awareness

TrustedTargeting helps B2B companies generating leads, increasing brand awareness and boosting your booth. Start now!


Intuitive campaign builder

With our intuitive campaign builder, you can set up your advertising campaign in just a few simple steps.

Live Dashboard

With your live dashboard you have the possibility to check the most important key performance indicators and results of your campaign. Thus you always have an overview of all relevant figures.

Detailed regular reports

You will regularly receive detailed reports from us by e-mail, as well as a detailed final report on your campaign performance, including optimization options and action recommendations for current and future campaigns.

Personal contact

In order to achieve your marketing goal in the best possible way, your TrustedTargeting campaign will be supported by one of our marketing experts throughout the entire campaign and beyond.

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Should you require further services in addition to our packages or would like our support in campaign creation or similar, we are happy to assist you with all our expertise. Choose now from our addons and configure your individual TrustedTargeting package.

Express setup

Setup and start of your advertising campaign within 48 hours incl. money-back guarantee. Prerequisite for this is that we have all advertising media.
Service price
500 €

Banner creation

We will advise you on the formats best suited to your campaign and create professional banners for you.
static: 3 display banner + 1 social ad
998 €
animated: 3 display banner (GIF) + 1 social ad
1499 €
animated: 4 display banner (HTML5) + 1 social ad
2499 €

Landing page audit

Comprehensive analysis of your Landingpage based on 20 test criteria; detailed elaboration of improvement areas and recommendations for action, personal consultation (call, approx. 1 hour)
Setrvice price
999 €

Extra advertising budget

Extend the duration of your campaign with additional clicks.
250 clicks or 5620 Youtube Views or 1470 Facebook Views or 1260 Instagram Views or 16630 impressions
Service price
499 €
750 clicks or 16900 Youtube Views or 4415 Facebook Views or 3790 Instagram Views or 49950 Impressions
Service price
1499 €
1250 clicks or 28170 Youtube Views or 7360 Facebook Views ider 6315 Instagram Views or 83330 Impressions
Service price
2499 €

One of Germany’s largest airports and a major worldwide transportation hub

The airport wanted to become even more attractive for the airlines it serves.  A long-term TrustedTargeting campaign based on the data of our trade fair f.re.e – Bavaria’s largest leisure and travel fair, started allowing the airport to advertise airline partners’ travel specials.
31% higher click rate
Compared to the travel industry average a 31% higher click rate for airline ads was generated due to the quality of underlying TrustedTargeting campaign data.

International manufacturer of farm and construction equipment


Reach the bauma audience on social media channels by generating video views of a Working Hero trailer and episode in English and German.

30% view rate

We generated more that 230.000 views for the trailer and episode with a view rate of 30% within the target audience.