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Online Marketing

5 basic tips for the optimization of B2B websites

A successful well-made website is one of the most important online marketing measures in the B2B sector. We will show you 5 tips for website optimization.
Online Marketing

Video Marketing in B2B—How to use the medium truly successfully

In B2B, too, video marketing is a real trend. We will show you the most relevant formats and the best tips for success through moving image.
Online Marketing

Search engine optimization—5 steps to being found on Google

We will give you five tips to improve the visibility of your B2B business in the organic Google search.
Online Marketing

Offline vs. online—How to combine classical and digital marketing

Online marketing does not swallow up the offline world, rather both approaches benefit from each other. In this article, we will show how this works.
Online Marketing

Multimedia communication—how to reach your target audience

How do I address my target audience? And through which communication channels? Learn how to develop the right communication strategy for your company.
Online Marketing

5 tips on how to use Instagram in B2B marketing

Instagram only works for B2C companies? Not at all! We share our 5 tips on how to use the platform successfully in the B2B area.
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