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How to find the right growth channel for your business

You want to find the perfect channel for your B2B marketing? Step by step, we will show you the path to your new marketing strategy.

In the last posting of our series on Traction, we took the first step into a Traction analysis. We presented all 19 Traction channels that are principally conceivable for the new marketing strategy. In the second step, everything revolves around filtering out the best ideas for testing.

However, given the many possibilities, finding the right channel can be difficult.

In their book Traction, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares propose the Bullseye Framework as a solution—a methodology that is supposed to find the one profitable channel quickly and easily.

TrustedTargeting introduces the principle and helps you to find the right channel for your B2B marketing. We will show you how to successfully implement the second step of the Traction analysis.

Imagine a dartboard with 3 rings: an outer ring, a middle ring and an inner ring, the bullseye.  The method for the Traction analysis of Weinberg and Mares is based on this simple principle. As in darts, the bullseye is your target: the one Traction channel that takes your business to the next growth level.

The outer ring: What is possible?

This is where all 19 Traction channels are located that we explained in the second part of the blog series. It is important not to exclude any of the channels ahead of time, but to take them all into consideration in a creative way. Do not limit yourself to the usual channels in the B2B area, because, here especially, creativity can help to stand out.   Through brainstorming, concrete ideas are collected for each channel. Then, the best idea is selected for each channel. This can be determined by a point query, for example. Each workshop participant can assign one point per channel to the best idea according to their opinion. The idea that gets the most points is selected.

The middle ring: What is likely?

The ideas that actually have potential advance into the middle ring. Select three ideas that are most likely to work according to your opinion. This decision, too, can best be made by a vote among the team or through another point query. The three selected ideas will be tested in practice.

We will explain the concrete testing procedure in the next posting of the blog series.

The bullseye: What works?

Has any of the tested channels proven to be profitable? Congratulations, you aimed well and hit the bullseye! The most profitable channel is now your core channel on which the focus lies. Now, try to get the most out of it. Over time, you will try different tactics and strategies in order to fully utilize the potential of your core channel.

If, during the test, none of the channels turn out to be profitable, take another look at the other ideas from the middle ring. Select new ones and perform additional tests.

The bullseye method offers an uncomplicated way to find the best strategy for your B2B marketing from a broad spectrum and to thus work efficiently and purposefully towards maximum growth.

A graphic representation can help to maintain the overview.

We have created a Traction Kit for you that is available for free download. It includes practical templates for each step of the Traction analysis to help you with the implementation, as well as detailed instructions and tips for running a workshop with your team. For example, you will receive a bullseye template with all 19 channels and space for the best idea in each case.

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