Social Media Jun 14, 2019 1:57:42 PM 1 minute read

Facebook in B2B marketing—3 reasons why it works

In B2B, too, Facebook can be an effective marketing channel. Our experts will tell you how to take advantage of the network.

With around 2.2 billion active users worldwide and 32 million users in Germany, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. However, the portal is still regarded as a consumer platform that is mainly used for private communication. Many B2B companies therefore decide against marketing via Facebook. Our social media experts reveal why the use of Facebook in B2B marketing is definitely worthwhile.

  1. The right ad format for every goal

Facebook ads are often associated with the direct sale of products. However, the platform offers different ad formats, depending on the goal you want to achieve with your campaign. With Lead Ads you can, for example, easily collect e-mail addresses of prospects and generate leads. If you want to generate more traffic on your website, you can use Click to Website Ads to lure users to your site. Brand Awareness Ads can increase your brand awareness. Simply select the desired goal during creation of your ad to display the appropriate format. No matter which format you choose, Facebook's wide reach lets you benefit from favorable click counts. Moreover, Facebook users are active clickers: According to Brandwatch, users assign 4 million likes per minute and the average click-through rate is 0.9%.

  1. Everybody is on Facebook—including B2B decision-makers

It is often forgotten that it is just people who are standing behind large companies. Among the many Facebook users there are also B2B decision-makers in their private time, because they, too, lie on the couch after work clicking their way through social networks. B2B companies with often complex or innovative products, which are usually not directly searched for, can use Facebook ads to attract initial attention and thus set the first touchpoint of the customer journey.


  1. Addressing the right target group

Of course it is not very efficient to play out your ads to the masses. Facebook offers very good opportunities to narrow down and precisely address the target audience. Since users often provide a lot of data, such as demographic information, interests and occupation, the target audience can be segmented according to such criteria. That way, you can actually address only relevant people with your ads. In order to use targeting effectively, you must first identify and understand the right target audience for your company.


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