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Measurement deviation in online marketing: 7 reasons why

[Beginners] The measurability of marketing activities is one of the biggest advantages in online marketing.   There are various tools for this purpose, which have different functions. At first
Performance Marketing

No more fishing in the mud - understand campaign tracking in 5 mins

Campaign tracking has become the talk of the town. You can find out here what this is all about and how to use it optimally for your campaign.

In 8 steps to the perfect landing page

We will tell you how to design the perfect landing page in 8 steps and turn visitors into leads.
Lead generation

Placing content correctly with Lead Ads

Find out what lead ads are all about and what you should pay attention to in order to improve your marketing performance. 
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5 basic tips for the optimization of B2B websites

A successful well-made website is one of the most important online marketing measures in the B2B sector. We will show you 5 tips for website optimization.
Online Marketing

Video Marketing in B2B—How to use the medium truly successfully

In B2B, too, video marketing is a real trend. We will show you the most relevant formats and the best tips for success through moving image.

The trade fair of the future: Live experience instead of product show

Even in the digital age, you are going to impress your visitors who are used to the mere product shows of former times with an innovative trade fair stand. We will show you what is important for the
Performance Marketing

Success through testing (Traction blog series: Part 4)

In order to be able to select the right channel, a well-developed testing of ideas is crucial. We will show you the best way to proceed.
Social Media

Social media marketing - Is this the right channel for my B2B company?

B2B decision-makers can be increasingly reached online. We will show if and which social media platforms make sense for B2B marketing.
Online Marketing

Search engine optimization—5 steps to being found on Google

We will give you five tips to improve the visibility of your B2B business in the organic Google search.
Performance Marketing

Promote your trade fair stand—How to attract visitors to your stand

How can a trade fair stand be effectively promoted before and during the trade fair? At TrustedTurgeting we reveal our tips and tricks—review them now!
Online Marketing

Offline vs. online—How to combine classical and digital marketing

Online marketing does not swallow up the offline world, rather both approaches benefit from each other. In this article, we will show how this works.
Online Marketing

Multimedia communication—how to reach your target audience

How do I address my target audience? And through which communication channels? Learn how to develop the right communication strategy for your company.
Online Marketing

5 tips on how to use Instagram in B2B marketing

Instagram only works for B2C companies? Not at all! We share our 5 tips on how to use the platform successfully in the B2B area.
Performance Marketing

How to find the right growth channel for your business

You want to find the perfect channel for your B2B marketing? Step by step, we will show you the path to your new marketing strategy.
Performance Marketing

Growth through efficient marketing (Traction blog series: Part 1)

The right marketing strategy is essential for the success of a company. But how do you find the best channel to address your target group? We will show you
Data Privacy

GDPR — Information about the new General Data Protection Regulation

The new General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect since May. We will show you what measures B2B companies need to take now.
Social Media

Facebook in B2B marketing—3 reasons why it works

In B2B, too, Facebook can be an effective marketing channel. Our experts will tell you how to take advantage of the network.
Social Media

Employer branding: The right way to a successful employer brand

A good image is important to find qualified and suitable employees. We explain the 3 most important steps in employer branding.
Online Marketing

Designing advertising banners: 7 tips for banners that really convert

Banner advertising is and remains a popular channel in online marketing. We will show you how to design banners that really work. Read our 7 tips now!
Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition—from fans to real, long-term customers

Attracting fans with well-designed marketing campaigns is only half the battle. How do fans become long-term customers? This post provides you with 7 tips.
Conversion Optimization

10 tips for conversion optimization in B2B - lead increase guaranteed

We explain how, with simple measures, you can generate more leads in your B2B business and improve the usability of your website.
Content Marketing

Content marketing — Definitions and its potentials

As the saying goes, content is king. But by what means and words do you become the king of the content empire? We will explain it to you.
Online Marketing

10 advantages of online marketing — Why it pays off for B2B companies

Why investing in online marketing pays off. 10 advantages for B2B companies at a glance. Read now! 
Performance Marketing

19 marketing channels that can help you achieve more growth

Given the variety of possibilities, it can be difficult to gain an overview of possible marketing channels. We show you 19 channels, which serve as a basis for your traction analysis.Intro post text
Performance Marketing

4 tips for B2B marketing agencies — How to improve the performance

We have summarized the most important tips on how B2B marketing agencies can improve their performance. Read now!