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5 basic tips for the optimization of B2B websites

A successful well-made website is one of the most important online marketing measures in the B2B sector. We will show you 5 tips for website optimization.

A good online presence is vitally important not only for B2C companies, but also in the B2B sector, companies have to stand out digitally in order to convince. One survey from 2016 showed that 73 percent of B2B decision-makers, at least occasionally, use digital offers from companies as a source of information. 51 percent even let themselves be influenced by such offers in their purchasing process. For companies, this means that they can attract potential customers with a perfect web presence. We will show 5 must-dos to help you optimize your B2B website.

Content marketing—original content leads to success

Users quickly click on an Internet page, but they also leave again quickly if they do not find any convincing information. Therefore, the following applies: The content of your website must convince relevant visitors from the B2B sector within a few seconds. Since the attention span on the Internet is very short, you should compose short and informative texts that offer added value to the reader. Use relevant keywords to make your B2B website rank as high as possible in the search engines, especially Google. Tools such as help you with this. With the Google Keyword Planner, you can find out how much search volume the potential keywords generate per month.

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Source: Google AdWords


Improve the website—with Google Analytics

In the long run, you can only optimize your website if you know what your customers are interested in. You should therefore use Google Analytics to target your customers more specifically. The tool provides you with information about various key figures that you should observe in the long term. The keyword here is usability: Make sure that your B2B website offers an added value for your customers. One important factor is, for example, the bounce rate, which shows you how many of your website users visit only one page and apparently have no further interest. Since the bounce rates vary considerably depending on the topic and industry of a website, it is difficult to determine reference values. However, it is important that you observe a positive trend.

Another important key figure is the average duration of user sessions.  In the B2B area, you should aim for an average time spent of about two minutes.

Optimize your website for mobile

As early as 2015, Google announced that the majority of search queries originate from mobile devices. Current statistics from Brightedge show that this number has further increased. Today, 57 percent of search traffic is delivered via mobile devices. In concrete terms, this means for companies: Your Internet presence must be optimized for mobile use. A website is “mobile-friendly” if navigation and content can easily be read on a small display. You can find out whether your website meets these criteria with this Google test.

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Source: Google


Optimizing page speed—convincing in a matter of seconds

Starting in July this year, Google will also include the loading speed of websites in mobile search in its ranking factors . For companies, this is another reason to optimize page speed. Therefore, make sure that, even with an average 3G data connection, your page will load in less than three seconds. Test the page speed of your page here.

If your website loads too slowly, be sure to check the file size of the images and graphics on your page. Upload images only in compressed format and in the dimensions they will be integrated with. This tool analyzes which images of your website you can compress.

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Source: Cloudinary


Contacting made easy

In order to generate the most relevant traffic possible, you should give Internet users on your website the opportunity to contact you with just a few clicks. For business customers, it is particularly useful to create a contact form or a newsletter. To increase brand awareness, you should also become active on the career portals Xing and LinkedIn and integrate them into your website.

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