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4 tips for B2B marketing agencies — How to improve the performance

We have summarized the most important tips on how B2B marketing agencies can improve their performance. Read now!

Many B2B companies still find it difficult to start out in online marketing. Therefore, they often decide not to face the challenge alone but to turn to an experienced partner. Agencies for B2B marketing are the first port of call here. However, considering the large number of online marketing agencies on the market today, the competition is tough. If you have managed to win over a customer, you subsequently have to convince with your services. In the process, internal processes and the company's own turnover are sometimes forgotten. We have therefore summarized the 4 most important tips on how B2B marketing agencies can improve their performance and also satisfy their customers.

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1. Do not neglect your own marketing

Agencies are experts at successfully designing the marketing of their customers, but too often they neglect their own. Proceed exactly as you would with a customer. On the one hand, you make prospects aware of you in the first place and win customers. On the other hand, the way you promote yourself is a figurehead of your skills. How can customers trust you if your own marketing does not reflect your services? Integrate your own marketing into the corporate culture and involve the entire team. Competition between agencies is particularly tough, as, in many cases, the same services are offered. So you have to choose a USP that sticks in the mind and develop a strong brand.

2. Investing in the right tools

Managing numerous leads, customers and campaigns, can quickly cause chaos if processes are not clearly defined. Tasks that are done incidentally, such as personnel planning, time recording or the generation of quotations and invoices, also take up a great deal of time. The right software can help you keep track and replace tedious Excel sheets and Word files. It does not always have to be the expensive, all-encompassing agency software. You should carefully consider which areas you want to cover with a software. Tools like Basecamp or factro facilitate project management, MOCO combines acquisition, contact management, time recording, resource planning and billing in one tool. Depending on where your focus is and which services you offer, there are of course also numerous tools for the operative core business that can support you in various online marketing areas, such as SEO and social media. In any case, important aspects for the choice of the ideal software are a user-friendly and intuitive application, a transparent pricing model as well as the customizability and flexibility of the tool, because every agency has its own way of working.

3. Focus on performance

The better you can measure the impact of your performance on customer marketing, the better you can calculate and control your prices. Customers often complain about the excessive fees charged by agencies. However, if you can explain why a certain price is justified with facts and figures, you have a better basis for negotiation. Select the appropriate KPIs for each campaign goal and monitor them constantly. A frequent goal in the B2B area is the generation of leads. Here you can use the number of leads generated by your campaigns as a key performance indicator and thus as a basis. When it comes to awareness or website traffic, click counts can be used as KPIs. On the basis of the measured figures, you can quickly make an analysis and pass on your expertise to your customers. You also recognize early on if the results do not turn out as desired and can thus draw up optimization proposals as early as possible. Measuring with performance indicators also enables you to better control your budget and thus avoid an overperformance that would be harmful for your profit.

4. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks

If you want to grow, you cannot do everything yourself. Do not keep yourself and your team busy with tasks for which you do not have the necessary expertise or resources. Find partners who can handle tasks for your. That way, you are still able to offer your customers the full portfolio of services without overburdening your team. In addition, the employees of an agency appreciate creativity and variety above all. However, the development of strategies is usually followed by the less creative implementation. Setting up and monitoring numerous campaigns of different customers at the same time can be very time-consuming and demotivating. Unburden your employees by outsourcing such tasks. This allows your employees to concentrate on what is most important and increases productivity and motivation.

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